6. Wind Turbine at SIMS Municipal Recycling Facility

The state-of the-art SIMS Municipal Recycling Facility, located at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT), is New York City’s principal recycling center, which processes 20,000 tons of residential metal, glass, plastic and paper collected from the Department of Sanitation every month.

Operated by Sims Municipal Recycling and completed in 2013 using sustainable design practices, the facility is noted for its award-winning architectural design, which features advanced sorting equipment, interactive educational displays, a 600kW solar panel array and New York City’s first commercial-scale (and largest) wind turbine, which was manufactured by Northern Power Systems and installed by Aegis Renewable Energy in 2014. The 120-foot-tall turbine (or 160-feet if you count its blades) sits on the 30th Street pier of the Brooklyn Waterfront. It helps to produce up to four percent of the energy used by the facility. When used in conjunction with a 600kW solar array, up to 20 percent of the required energy is produced.

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