In case you haven’t had enough food over Christmas break, here’s a Brooklyn eatery offering hefty portions of meat, cheese and carbs: make your way over to Crown Heights, Brooklyn to find O’Tacos (638 Nostrand Avenue), a French-inspired taqueria that is home to the colossal Gigatacos.

Weighing over five pounds and taking up the entire dimensions of a standard serving tray, the Gigatacos is a culinary masterpiece made using four soft tortillas that are topped with 5 types of meat (nuggets, sausage, chicken, ground beef, chicken tenders), 2 kinds of sauce (choice of barbecue, mayo, ketchup, mustard and tabasco), additional toppings (mushrooms, vegetables, chests, etc.), french fries — a standard for fast food in France — and a secret cheese sauce (fromagère sauce). Once everything is loaded and the sides of the tortilla are folded in, the Gigatacos is grilled on a panini press and served.

Hungry for a challenge, the Untapped team recently headed to Crown Heights to try our hand at tackling the Gigatacos (which is technically more of a toasted burrito). Stuffed with everything one could ask (and hope for), it was more than enough to satisfy all five of us. It was also surprisingly very well-balanced in flavor and texture despite the sheer amount of toppings contained within.

According to an employee there, the Brooklyn location is the first outpost in the United States. It officially opened in 2017, but O’Tacos has its roots in Bordeaux, where the very first restaurant debuted in 2010. The concept eventually took off in Paris, and franchising later began in 2015.

While there were only 26 locations just two years ago, O’Tacos has since expanded to 200 locations in six countries. The owners of the chain, however, have claimed that the Brooklyn location is even better than ones you can find in France.

If you ever find yourself nearby, try your hand at the Gigatacos challenge, which takes place every Thursday. Down the 5-pound monstrosity and you’ll get the meal for free. But make sure to come prepared: according to Business Insider, only around 30 people have finished it at the Brooklyn location since 2007.

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