The new year is kicking off with a slew of exciting art shows. Included on this list of highlights are pieces focused around themes of excess and overabundance, public works now on view on the subway and politically charged shows, which remind us about past surveillance on U.S. citizens.

In addition, January provides a fond look-back at a favorite winter pastime and a glimpse of what the future may have in store. Below are 13 art exhibits not to miss in January:

13.  Food for the Young (Oozing Out) at Mary Boone Gallery

Through her fictional scenes, Berlin-based artist, Stefanie Heinze, invites viewers to engage in a though-provoking dialogue about overabundance. The exhibit, Food for the Young (Oozing Out), brings to life the subject of surplus. Heinze’s paintings present various parts of bodies — from plumped-up lips consuming a multi-legged figure to toes dissolving into the background.

Food for the Young (Oozing Out) will be on view from January 6 to February 18, 2018 at the Mary Boone Chelsea Gallery, 541 West 24th Street. The exhibit is in cooperation with, and curated by Poppy Houldsworth Gallery, London.