World renowned French sculptor, Laurence Jenkell, has made her U.S. debut with Crossroads of the World, the first exhibition to be presented inside The Port Authority Bus Terminal. Featuring her famous Flag Candy sculpture collection and 80 additional artworks, the exhibit is hosted on the second floor of the terminal as well as in a pop-up gallery in the South Wing of the main concourse. The ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating its opening took place on Monday, January 22.
Laurence Jenkell’s celebrated Flag Candies have been displayed around the world in countries like France, Spain and China. “The flag is to a population what the candy is to an individual: a personal history and a collective memory,” she said about her work. Highlights include a 9/11 remembrance flag, which serves as a tribute to the 37 fallen women and men of The Port Authority Police Department, and her sculptures (Wrapping Trash Can, Coffee Maker Wrapping and Jelly Wrap) that address sustainability issues.
With a goal to enhance the quality of commuting for travelers, the Port Authority Bus Terminal is the first U.S. location to showcase Jenkell’s work. “I loved making this art and it’s my greatest pleasure to be able to share my Candies with the public,” said Jenkell. “People are used to seeing artworks in museums or galleries and this makes artwork accessible to all. The great thing for me is to be able to catch their attention and give people the opportunity to see artwork in a public area where you do not expect such a representation…”

Image courtesy Rudy King at Port Authority Media

The exhibit was was largely made possible by Anita Durst, the founder of Chashama. Established in 1995, Chashama supports artists by providing them with unique places to create and showcase their creations.
Laurence Jenkell’s Crossroads of the World is now on view, and will be open for a year. For more information, click here.
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