Hell-Gate-Bridge-Dave-Frieder-NYC-Untapped-Cities1Hell Gate Bridge. Photo by Dave Frieder

Happy birthday to the Hell Gate Bridge! This year, the iconic span is celebrating its 101st birthday, an occasion which infrastructure aficionados marked last year with cake and events. The bridge is named for the once-dangerous channel it bridges, derived from the Dutch word hellegat, which means “hell channel.”

Hell Gate also happens to be a favorite of Dave Frieder, “the Bridge Man” who has been documenting sights from atop the city’s bridges for over two decades. With his help, we’re sharing ten fun facts and secrets about the Hell Gate Bridge in this auspicious year.

10. The Hell Gate Bridge is Actually Comprised of Three Bridges

The Hell Gate Bridge is actually comprised of a complex of three bridges: the well-known Steel Arch, an inverted bow string arch that spans a former water-filled channel (Little Hell Gate) between Wards and Randall’s Islands, and a small truss bridge, which would have been a double bascule-type bridge that goes over a small “Kill” between the Bronx and Randall’s Island.

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3 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Hell Gate Bridge in NYC

  1. There is something about New York that is hidden that has to do with the towers being gone and replaced with one, and the 2 openings that go right down into inner earth has something to do with end times events. Somebody knows.

  2. My favorite secret of the Hellgate Bridge is that my great-uncle is likely buried in it. No, he was not a construction worker. Sam Lippman was a bagman and enforcer for Arnold Rothstein, the “Big Bankroll,” and he started skimming the take for unknown reasons. We don’t know if it was drugs, booze, gambling debts, girlfriends, or greed. When Rothstein found out about this, he had Sam whacked, and buried in concrete for the bridge. So he is forever a cornerstone in the infrastructure of New York.

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