7. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Memorial Bike Ride

Image via Five Boroughs Bicycle Club Facebook

Many victims of the factory fire lived in the tenement houses of the Lower East Side, but others also commuted from Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. One victim even lived in Hoboken, New Jersey. To honor all the victims of the fire, the Five Borough Bike Bicycle Club is hosting a bike ride through the Bronx and Brooklyn to the site of the fire.

Along the way, riders starting in the Bronx will stop at the former homes of fire victims in that borough and East Harlem, and riders starting in Brooklyn will stop at residences in Red Hook, Brownsville, and Bushwick. All riders will then come together at a home in the East Village and ride as one group to the former site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, where the ride will conclude at 4:45pm, the time the infamous fire broke out in 1911.

The bicycle ride will take place March 25 at 12pm to 5pm. If you would like to participate, RSVP at [email protected]