14. Phyllida Barlow: Prop to Arrive on the North Spur Preserve of the High Line

Phyllida Barlow for the High Line. Photo courtesy High Line Art

Phyllida Barlow’s prop will be the first artwork ever to be presented on the North Spur Preserve of The High Line. Consisting of two large concrete panels with holes cut from their centers, and set on stilts, the installation appears like a character teetering among planks and emerging from the planting beds below it. A prime example of adaptive reuse, The High Line provides the perfect context for Barlow, known for her use of throwaway materials, and the presentation of her work.

The sculpture, which viewers will be able to see from the street below, will stand on a railway spur at 16th Street that used to run directly into a refrigerated warehouse northwest of the former Nabisco cookie factory. Phyllida Barlow’s prop will be on view from May 5th until March 2019.