10. Outdoor Art Exhibit at Washington Square Park

Starting May 26th, the sidewalks along Washington Square Park will be hosting stands for artists who wish to set up shop and sell their wares. The show will feature works of hundreds of exhibitors who will display their paintings, sculptures, photography, jewelry, and woodcraft.

The tradition of the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit began during the Depression Era. When artist Jackson Pollock desperately needed funds to pay his rent on his Greenwich Village studio and home, he took some of his paintings outside to sell them along a sidewalk near Washington Square Park. Other artists and luminaries then latched onto Pollock’s idea, thus beginning the art exhibit. It is now a twice-a-year happening, every Memorial Day Weekend and the weekend that follows, and every Labor Day Weekend and the weekend that follows. For more, visit Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit in New York City’s page.