On Thursday, June 21st, the Museum of the City of New York will be hosting the talk “Reduce, Reuse, Rethink: The Future of Waste in NYC,” where leading city experts will discuss the future of waste and its impact on New York’s diverse neighborhoods and communities. Mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged to send zero waste to landfills by 2030, a formidable goal given that New Yorkers currently generate more than 12,000 tons of garbage each day. How can one of the world’s most wasteful cities eliminate its trash in just 12 years? Part of the answer lies in rethinking and redesigning the trip from the garbage chute to the landfill. However, achieving zero waste also requires fundamentally redefining the concept of “waste.”

If you are, or become an Untapped Cities Insiders, you can join this event for free! The talk will feature Ana Isabel Baptista, Chair of the Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management program at The New School, Christina Grace, CEO and Founder of the Foodprint Group, and Tom Outerbridge, General Manager of Sims Municipal Recycling.

This is the fifth program in the MCNY series, New York’s Future in a Changing Climate, which explores the challenges and opportunities presented in the Museum’s Future City Lab, the interactive third gallery in the New York at Its Core exhibition.

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