Calling all transit nerds! The New York Transit Museum’s 4th Annual Parade of Trains takes place this weekend, bringing out six different types of vintage trains for shuttle rides. This includes the oldest train cars in the museum’s fleet: the BRT Brooklyn Union Elevated units, which date back to 1904! From 11am to 4pm on Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th, interested straphangers can hop on and off the vintage cars for free with the swipe of a MetroCard. The Parade of Trains will run continuously to and from the Brighton Beach station B/Q platforms.

Brooklyn Union Elevated Car (1903 – 1907). Photo courtesy NY Transit Museum

The trains featured this year include:

1. The BRT Brooklyn Union Elevated Cars (1903 – 1969): The oldest in the Transit Museum’s vintage fleet were ordered in 1903 and 1907 by the BRT for its subsidiary, the Brooklyn Union Elevated Railroad. Known as “gate cars,” they featured a wooden body mounted on steel underframes, and open-air vestibules for entering and exiting.

2. BRT/BMT Standards (1914 – 1969): The Standards were inspired by Boston Elevated Railway cars, and were designed along the lines of suburban railroad cars with regards to maximum seating and standing capacity.

3. BMT D-Type Triplex (1925 – 1965): The Triplex was a three-car articulated unit, fitted with rattan seating. These vintage trains were ordered in 1924 as transit companies moved away from wooden cars in favor of steel.

4. “Train of Many Metals”: Manufactured by the American Car and Foundry Company and the St. Louis Car Company between 1948 and 1967, this train features three types of vintage cars: the R10 (1948 – 1995), the first cars to be manufactured with an LAHT steel construction; the R16 (1955 – 1987), an improved model of the R10; and the R38 (1966 – 2009), the first subway car fleet to have air conditioning installed upon arrival.

Photo courtesy NY Transit Museum

BMT Standard (1914 – 1969) and BMT D-Type Triplex (1925 – 1965). Photo courtesy NY Transit Museum

Passengers will only be able to hop on and off the trains at the Brighton Beach (B/Q) station. The trains will be traveling in both directions, making round trips to Ocean Parkway and longer round trips to Kings Highway. For more information, visit the New York Transit Museum website. Should you want to continue your transit-themed weekend, we’re also hosting our Underground Tour of the NYC Subway this Saturday and Sunday!

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