20. Artifact Walk in New Domino Park

Photo by Daniel Levin courtesy Domino Park

Domino Park opened on June 10th to the public and one of the highlights is the Artifact Walk, which features over 30 large-scale, hand-picked pieces of salvaged factory machinery from the Domino factory complex that are now placed along the waterfront. The walk “acts as a threshold and entrance. It’s a gesture to get people to inquire about the history of the place,” says landscape architect Lisa Switkin of James Corner Field Operations.

Starting from the south side of the park, a bucket conveyer will greet visitors, followed by four blue syrup tanks with a rusting patina, then a series of screw convertors which shown abstractly look like a public art installation, mooring bollards and finally two teal cranes which rise above the elevated catwalk.

On opening day, Untapped Cities ran the official tour of Domino Park, an experience produced in partnership with Two Trees, the developer of the former Domino Sugar Factory site, with insider information from the landscape architects and artists who worked on the park. We will host the tour again on July 15th:

Domino Park Walking Tour