4. The Proscenium of the Stage Was Rediscovered

Photograph Courtesy of Queens Borough Public Library, Long Island Division 

According to the Flushing Town Hall’s history, “the people of Flushing wanted a place of pride to welcome home their troops from the Civil War, a gathering place to celebrate the beauty of life and to cope with life’s struggles.” As such, the main hall took up a large portion of the building itself. During a renovation, the proscenium of the stage was rediscovered behind a wall. It had been sealed up after the Town Hall was converted into a courthouse. With all the changes in use, this particular space inside the Town Hall went from theater to courthouse and back to theater.

In its current state, the theater has all removable seats and risers, making the theater adaptable to numerous types of performances and events. This flexibility provides a direct link back to how the space would have been used during its town hall days.