Untapped Cities is excited to announce new dates for our exclusive special access tour of the Players Club on Gramercy Park. This members only social club was founded in 1889 by Edwin Booth, one the most renowned American actors of the 19th century, along with fifteen friends and colleagues including Mark Twain and General William T. Sherman. Today’s notable members include Jimmy Fallon, Ethan Hawke and Tommy Lee Jones, whose portraits hang in the club’s grand staircase. This tour is only offered once a month, so grab your tickets now!

Insider Tour of the Players Club on Gramercy Park

Edwin Booth commissioned his friend, famed architect Stanford White, to redesign the façade and interiors of the Gothic-Revival mansion at 16 Gramercy Park South. This lovely building, which stills stands today, serves as a historic and atmospheric private social club that has been home to several generations of actors, artists, writers and arts aficionados far and wide. Edwin Booth, brother of the infamous John Wilkes who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, lived in an apartment on the third floor that remains virtually unaltered since he died on June 7th, 1893.


  • Learn about the history of the Club and its members
  • Visit the room in which actors met secretly in 1913 to form the Actors Equity Association, and walk inside Edwin Booth’s bedroom, where you can find the skull that was used in his famous 100 consecutive performances of Hamlet
  • Visit the Hampden-Booth Theatre Library, which contains a vital collection of books, plays, theatre magazines and other artifacts of 19th and early 20th century American and British theatre history
  • View the Players Club’s impressive art collections, including portraits by Everett Raymond Kinstler, Edwin’s theater costumes, and more
  • Get a close look at Mark Twain’s poker table

Insider Tour of the Players Club on Gramercy Park

Here are more photos of places you will see on this tour:

The Players_Club_Edgar Allan Poe Bedroom_New York City_Gramercy Park-12The Edwin Booth Room

The Players_Club_Edgar Allan Poe Bedroom_New York City_Gramercy Park-10The Edwin Booth Room

The Players_Club_New York City_Gramercy Park-8Hampden-Booth Theatre-Library

The Players_Club_New York City_Gramercy Park-16Mark Twain’s pool cue

Insider Tour of the Players Club on Gramercy Park

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