16. October’s Midnight Moment in Times Square

Courtesy of Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Arts

Times Square’s October Midnight Moment features work bythe Instagram name of advertising creative director Isabel Martinez. Quite a departure from the usual types of work displayed at Midnight Moment, this work contrasts with the hectic Times Square environment. According to the Times Square Arts, the work is “a color gradient into motion, shifting slowly from a deep midnight blue through a spectrum inspired by the sky during sunrise. At three minutes to midnight, when the sky is dark but the screens are bright in Times Square, you can look up, breathe deeply and watch the darkness become the light. This digital work, a natural occurrence at an unnatural time, invokes a physical experience — a calm, contemplative moment in one of the most frenetic locations in the city that never sleeps. Simultaneously a visual poem and a minimalist ode to ephemeral experience, the video installation uses the power of color to raise questions about time and space.