2. Video Projection at 69th Street Transfer Bridge Gantry

Tony Oursler, Tear the Cloud (in-process projection of Pearl White), 2018. Multi-channel installation, courtsey of the artist. Photo by Tony Oursler Studio 

One of our favorite pieces of waterfront industrial infrastructure is the transfer bridge or gantry, and the 69th Street Transfer Bridge in Riverside Park is one of the earliest we documented. We are excited to share that this month, that bridge will have a video projection called Tear the Cloud by Tony Oursler, a pioneer of video art in the 1980s, in an installation sponsored by Public Art Fund.

According to the press release, the work will “explore the transitory space between the river and the city,” with Oursler sourcing from many influences on the Hudson River and Hudson Valley, including “the Hudson River School (the country’s first regional artistic movement which gave birth to the initial land preservation movement), social media bots, inventor Samuel Morse’s final painting, The Muse, The Headless Horseman, IBM’s chess-playing computer Deep Blue, Mary Rogers’ infamous murder at Sibyl’s Cave in New Jersey, the 19th century utopian society of Oneida, and experimental music developed in the South Bronx and Lower Manhattan, among others.”

Tony Oursler:Tear of the Cloud will be on view October 10 – 31, Tuesday – Sunday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm in Riverside Park South (between 68thand 70th Streets) near Pier I on New York City’s Upper West Side.