2. Stained Glass Windows of the University Church Were Donated by the King of France

Originally constructed in 1845, Fordham University’s Roman Catholic Church is located on the Rose Hill Campus. The University Church is the central place of worship for Fordham’s Campus Ministry. The beautiful stained glass windows that are implemented all around the sides of the Church were actually donated by King Louis Philippe I of France. The University Church’s current altar is actually the previous altar from the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Nolita.

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5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Fordham University in NYC

  1. Also, Keating Hall wasn’t built until 1936, well after Poe died in 1849. Thus if Keating had bells they would have only inspired Poe while in his grave. A possibility I guess given Poe.

  2. Keating Hall didn’t and still does not have bells. They are electric and installed relatively recently. Poe’s inspiration came from the University Church bells.

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