BONUS: Central Park’s Trees Cancel Out Over 1 Million Miles of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Year

Planted throughout Central Park there are over 20,000 trees. Those thousands of trees come in dozens of different varieties from Elms, Black Oaks, and Gingkos to Star Magnolias, Red Maples, Atlas Cedars. Not only are these trees pretty to look at, they are good to environment and the health of New Yorkers.

According to the Central Park Conservancy, in one year, just a single mature tree will absorb more than forty-eight pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen. Multiply that times 20,000 and it adds up to roughly one million pounds of carbon dioxide removed from the city’s air each year. This is comparable to the amount of greenhouse gas produced by an average passenger car driving 1,109,028 miles, the amount of electricity used by 79.1 homes for one year, or 57,838,615 smartphone charges.