9. Hallett Nature Sanctuary

Another hidden Central Park gem lies on the Southernmost corner of the park. The Hallett Nature Sanctuary is located on the eastern edge of the park between 60th and 62nd streets, but despite its proximity to Central Park’s most iconic attractions, it remains relatively unknown. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the sanctuary was closed off from the public from 1934 to 2013, left to grow on its own with absolutely no intervention. During this period of isolation it served as a bird sanctuary, and it remains an excellent area of the park in which to birdspot today.

In 2001, gardeners reentered this area of the park to make it accessible to the public, opening in 2013 to become the smallest of the three public woodland landscapes of the park. Open daily from 10am to 30 minutes before sunset, it offers a feeling of wilderness steps away from Fifth Avenue.