A little over a year ago, the artist Robert Indiana passed away in Vinalhaven, Maine (where one of the remaining original eagles of Penn Station is located). Though predominantly known for his iconic LOVE sculptures around the world, Robert Indiana was a prolific artist and sculptor whose work spanned mediums and decades.

As we reported in May, Robert Indiana’s work has been collected together in an exclusive exhibition on the rooftop of the Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea, which can conveniently be seen while strolling the High Line, with additional paintings by Indiana inside the gallery. In addition, the artist’s work has been a part of New York City since the 1960s and many of his sculptures can still be found throughout the city. Here is a list of where to find some of Indiana’s most beloved works:

1. New York’s LOVE Statue

Located on the corner of 55th and 6th Avenue is debatably Indiana’s most famous work: the LOVE statue (formally known as “love red blue.” This piece has been a hotspot for tourists and New Yorkers, alike. You can often find a line of people waiting for pictures with the beloved sculpture. The work is an evolution of a two-dimensional work Indiana created for The Museum of Modern Art‘s Christmas card in 1964. The first LOVE sculpture was created in 1970, and is now located in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

In a letter to art collector Larry Aldrich, Indiana explained the religious origin of the LOVE design, having been brought up in a Christian Science household:  “The LOVE paintings sprang like a crop from that seed planted at your museum, Larry. The painting you commissioned, Love is God, which burst into mind when I learned that you were converting an old Christian Science Church in Ridgefield . . . for I, as a child, was raised as a Christian Scientist, and the word LOVE was indelibly imprinted in the mind, for there is that slightly different phrase, ‘God is Love,’ on every front wall of every one of Mary Baker Eddy’s houses throughout the world.”

Although the statue is immensely popular, it has just been removed for necessary cleaning with no anticipated return date. Although not the only LOVE statue in the world, this piece has been a part of New York history for years. Now, New Yorkers must await word for when the beloved sculpture will bring back the love to New York City!