1. There is an Exhibition Commemorating 100 Years Female Artistry

She Persists: A Century of Women Artists in New York is an exhibit of sixty works of art from female artist in New York City. The exhibition, which is spread throughout the residence, marks 100 years of women having the right to vote, a right granted in the Untied States with the passage of the 19th Amendment.

The works fall into four categories: contending with history, body as battleground, picturing people, and expanding abstraction. The mediums of art range from paintings and photographs to video and sculpture, even furniture. The art blends into the home as decorative pieces, after all this is a residence. In the blue parlor of the new addition you’ll find a sculpture by Simone Leigh placed in front of the window, a photograph by Diane Arbus hangs in the library of the historic wing near a set of Knoll lounge chairs designed by Florence Schust Knoll.

This article was written by Vera Penavic and Nicole Saraniero

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