5. Bloomberg was the first mayor since 1942 Not to Live in Gracie Mansion

Entrance to the 1960s addition to Gracie Mansion, where the public enters

Since the house became residence for the mayor in 1942, Mayor Bloomberg has been the only one not to live in it, breaking the tradition set by La Guardia. Bloomberg lived in his Beaux-Arts town house on East 79th Street deciding instead to raise funds to renovate the mansion and make it more accessible to the people as a house museum.

According to a New York Times article, Bloomberg believes that the mayor should pay for his own housing somewhere else, adding that he thinks it wrong “to take one of the great houses in this city away from the public.” Bloomberg held a campaign to raise funds to renovate Gracie into a house-museum, while he himself used it only to host events. Since the $7 million renovation overseen by decorator Jamie Drake in 2002, the number of tours increased as well as events held by city agencies and other non-profit groups.