Farm.One is Manhattan’s only indoor hydroponic farm, hidden below a two-starred Michelin restaurant in Tribeca and also known as “Manhattan chef’s farm.” We are excited to announce a new tour, going below the streets for a sensory experience unlike any other in New York.

You will sip a complimentary glass of Prosecco and taste new, unique flavors from around the world. Farm.One uses LED lighting, hydroponics, and technology to grow a huge variety of culinary plants, numbering over 600 to date. Guests on this tour will discover the breakthrough technologies behind this farm of the future which allows them to use no pesticides or chemicals, and 95% less water than a traditional farm.

Clients of the farm include Michelin-starred and highly rated restaurants around the city like Atera, Marea, Gotham Bar & Grill, Jeju Noodle Bar, Butter, Restaurant Marc Forgione, and many more. On this 60 minute tour, you will have the opportunity to taste dozens of rare plant varieties, most of which are never available fresh in New York City and will go home with a complimentary gift bag! (All photos courtesy Farm.One.)