7. Cafe des Artistes

Artists, dancers, musicians, and writers dined at 1 West 67th  long before it became The Leopard at des Artistes. The restaurant was built to serve the tenants of the Hotel des Artistes — a residence above the restaurant whose apartments lacked kitchens. It was the go-to place for the creative and successful — the likes of Rudolf Nureyev and Itzhak Perelman dropped in between rehearsals and performances. Noel Coward, George Balanchine, Isadora Duncan, Barbara Walters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Howard Stern have also dined at this famed restaurant.

Both the Hotel des Artistes and its famed restaurant space are New York City landmarks, and the Leopard des Artistes is worth a visit to see the beautiful murals , created in 1934 by Howard Chandler Christy.