A copy of the book Secret Brooklyn
You may not be able to explore New York City in the way you used to, but we have something for you that might do the trick: our book, Secret Brooklyn with nearly 150 quirky, off-the-beaten path, and hidden spots. The book will be autographed by the authors, our founder Michelle Young and Untapped New York’s CEO Augustin Pasquet, with a dedication of your choice. The content is just like the kind you find on Untapped New York, with a great photograph of each location and an in-depth description.
Interior of Secret Brooklyn Book
Bookmark the places you want to discover when we can go back to our old lives, like a robotic church, or a hidden rooftop garden, the smallest cemetery in New York City, remnants of a lost railroad tunnel you can get a drink in, and more. There are also plenty of outdoor spots you can go discover on your own, even during coronavirus, like tracking the footprints of a Revolutionary War-era mill in Marine Park, looking for the wild parrots of Brooklyn, locating a sunken yellow submarine, or hiking on the former Ridgewood Reservoir, and more. For a limited time, get free shipping on the book with code STAYHOME.