Lower Manhattan is like an open-air art gallery with works created by American grandmasters. On Untapped New York’s Public Art Walking Tour in Lower Manhattan, you will admire artworks from renowned artists of the 19th and 20th centuries including Keith Haring, Jean Dubuffet, Isamu Noguchi, Daniel Chester French and many more. You will discover the surprising and sometimes controversial stories behind over a dozen statues, sculptures, paintings…and even a garden.

As you walk down Broadway and then meander through Battery Park as you will discover a plethora of art installations along the way. Along with an expert guide, guests will deconstruct the image of each piece of art, discuss what is known about it, and share your reactions. Sample art not only from different eras but also art that has different purposes: propaganda, place-making, reflection, honoring an ideal or group, whimsy, and more.

All of Untapped New York’s upcoming in-person experiences will adhere to our new health and safety measures to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. The first Public Art Walking Tour in Lower Manhattan tour will run on Sunday, August 23rd.