13. New York County Criminal Court

The Undoing with Hugh Grant and Nicole KidmanHugh Grant and Nicole Kidman in The Undoing. Photo courtesy HBO

Jonathan is brought to his arraignment at 100 Centre Street, and The Undoing actually films the scenes at this building which is the location of the New York County Criminal Court and the Criminal Term of the New York County Supreme Court. In The Undoing, the court is referred to as the “Criminal Court of the City of New York.” Although the New York City criminal court usually tries misdemeanors and lesser offenses, it also holds the initial arraignment in serious cases.

Given the quick turnaround between Jonathan’s arrest and his hearing, in real life, he might have been held first at the jail nicknamed The Tombs attached to the courthouse. If he was not able to pay bail, as is the case in the The Undoing, he would likely then be transferred over to Rikers Island for the duration of the trial.