It’s been an unprecedented year. 2020 brought, for all of us, new challenges, heartbreaks, sudden changes, evolutions, new ways to survive, and more. It was not an easy year for us here at Untapped New York. Our survival, and that of the many local businesses here in New York City, was not guaranteed. We watched as the small business all around the city were devastated and we actually stopped keeping track of the restaurant and bar closures in the middle of the year because it was just too damn depressing. But we’re grateful to still be here, thanks to all of you.

More often than not, we were inspired by the creative problem solving being done by New Yorkers. We were excited to see changes in the city’s urban realm with initiatives that would have been nearly impossible to pass were we not in the middle of pandemic. Despite everything, new buildings were completed, new books were published, new parks were opened, new television shows were being filmed, incredible restoration works were revealed, and new piece of art were installed.

So, yes, it’s been a _______ (insert your own adjective or expletive) year. But there are still things to celebrate! And so for the second year in a row, we are hosting a vote for the Best of New York! We have more categories this year, all connected to the urban initiatives you’ll find us covering at Untapped New York. Vote for the Best New Television Show Set in NYC, The Best New Park, Best New Public Building, Best New Permanent Art Sculpture or Installation, Best New Urban Planning Initiative, the Best New Book about NYC, Best Restoration, and the Best New Attraction. We’re also taking write-in answers. (Vote below or at this link).

The nominees for this year were selected by an all-star team of urban experts including Justin Garrett Moore, Executive Director of NYC Public Design Commission; Simeon Bankoff, Executive Director of the Historic Districts Council; Terri Carta, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Greenway; Côme Menage, Founder at re-a.d architecture & design; Michele Bogart, former Vice President of NYC Public Design Commission and Professor Emeritus at Stony Brook University; Michelle Young, the founder of Untapped New York and Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Columbia University GSAPP.

Vote below and be in the running to get one of five autographed copies of the book Secret BrooklynVoting goes until December 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM and winners for each category will be announced on January 4th. Secret Brooklyn winners will be randomly selected and notified via email.