Throughout New York City’s more than 400 subway stations, there are priceless works of art hidden in plain sight. In an upcoming virtual talk led by Untapped New York Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers and Artist-in-Residence Aaron Asis, you can uncover the most recent additions to New York City’s subterranean public art collection. Based on our in-person walking tour, this virtual talk will reveal the colorful canines of 23rd Street, the legendary mosaic portraits of 167th Street, the blossoming flowers of 28th Street, and more!

  • Explore some of the largest permanent art installations in the system
  • Discover the newest works recently installed
  • Learn about the history of Arts in Design and some of the guerrilla art that may have inspired it along the way
  • Revisit some of the most famous pieces of subway art from our first talk

Tickets to this live virtual talk on Tuesday, February 9th are just $10!

This in-depth tour of New York City’s subway art tapestry expands on our earlier tour in May and will cover all new pieces! This updated talk will focus on the newest art in the system including works of art on the Second Avenue Q extension and stunning new mosaics in The Bronx.

Tickets to this live virtual talk on Tuesday, February 9th are just $10. You can also gain access to unlimited virtual events per month and unlock a video archive of past events as an Untapped New York Insider starting at $10/month.

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