A 350-year-old “Alley Pond Giant” in Queens, rare American Elms in Central Park, and a swaying Weeping Beech in Green-Wood Cemetery are just a few of the magnificent urban trees featured in a new map by Brooklyn-based author Allison C. Meier and Blue Crow Media. The Great Trees of New York Map highlights fifty of “the oldest, rarest, strangest, and most historic trees across New York’s five boroughs.” In our upcoming virtual talk with Meier, you can learn more about some of the most incredible specimens featured on the new map!

A Black Tupelo Tree in Central Park

“New York is not often thought of as a city of great trees,” Meier notes, “but this map shows that amidst the density and concrete there are incredible examples throughout the five boroughs. Some of the oldest are hiding in plain sight in city parks, others are in quiet forests that have escaped the rapid pace of development.” In addition to the natural beauty they bring, these trees also embody the grit and resiliency of New York City. “All of them have survived the constant change in the city and its disasters, from storms to terrorism,” says Meier.

On this two-sided publication, the front features a map of New York City marked with the locations of all fifty incredible trees. The reverse side contains an introduction and descriptions for each tree written by Meier alongside stunning photographs captured by Colin Montgomery. The Great Trees of New York Map follows two previous maps crafted by Meier and the Blue Crow Media, Concrete New York and Art Deco New York.

An American Elm in Central Park

With this new map, Meier and Blue Crow Media hope to inspire New Yorkers to appreciate the trees in their own neighborhoods and ensure they are taken care of for generations to come. Discover the most incredible trees included on the map in our upcoming virtual talk with Allison C. Meier on April 28th!

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A Weeping-Beech Tree in Green-Wood Cemetery

Great Trees of NYC Talk

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