3. There are Remnants of an Installation by World-Renowned Artist JR

World-renowned street artist JR has left his mark on various locations all over New York City, including the Elizabeth Street Garden. JR is known for his signature pastings, in which he takes an image, enlarges it to a massive scale, and pastes it on a building. At the Elizabeth Street Garden, JR has actually installed two pieces, one of which you can still see remnants of today. The first installation JR brought to the green space was a giant pasting of a photograph of two people leaning out a window. The second was a rallying call to save the garden.

In 2018, The Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP) began to review and vote on plans to develop the site of the Elizabeth Street Garden. As a symbol of support and encouragement, JR created the installation you see above. The photograph depicts one of the garden’s youngest volunteers holding onto a tree in the garden. The image represented the determination of the Elizabeth Street Garden volunteers and community members to save the space.