7. The Spring Street salt shed is an architectural feat

Spring Street Salt Shed
Spring Street salt shed.

Adjacent to the New York City Department of Sanitation‘s contemporary garage on Spring Street is a 70-foot crystalline-shaped salt shed designed by WXY Studio. With a price tag of $20 million, this 5,000-ton capacity shed was constructed out of architectural concrete, with a smooth finish and light color. Natural color variations resemble the color of salt with more exposure to sunlight. The walls of the shed are taller on the side facing the water, allowing for the salt to settle at its natural slanted angle of 32 degrees, also called the angle of repose. This unique way of storage allows for trucks to drive up one side and dump salt conveniently onto the mound, which will then settle in its own stable way.

Furthermore, the doors of this first fully enclosed shed of DSNY are a whopping 35 feet tall and 24 feet wide, allowing for easy access for trucks moving in and out of the shed. The interior walls are lined with metal plating to prevent damage from the constant stream of trucks. With six-foot-thick walls, it’s also safe to assume that no severe storm will damage the building and tarnish the salt.