5. Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn (1855)

Staten Island is the proud yet unlikely possessor of some of New York’s oldest, such as this hidden gem: Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn. Located on Arthur Kill Road on the far side of the Island from Manhattan, Killmeyer’s was part home, part shop before it ever started tavern service, so no one is entirely sure how far it dates back. According to local author Patricia Salmon, part of the building was built in 1845, and its official date refers to its purchase ten years later by tycoon Balthazar Kreischer, who owned a brick company in the same area, of which some parts still remain. The inn got its name in 1859, when it was sold to Nicholas Killmeyer, and the ownership would stay in the family for nearly a century afterwards.

The second phase of Killmeyer’s history began after WWII, when the inn was purchased by Ken Tirado with the intention of restoring its original German character. After making a trip to Munich for some field research, Tirado returned to model Killmeyer’s on a traditional German inn, complete with classic dishes like wienerschnitzel, goulash, and, of course, hearty pints of beer.