15. Old Town Bar (1892)

An icon of the Prohibition era, Old Town Bar has maintained its name recognition in movies and TV. Located near Union Square on 17th Street, the bar was originally known as “Viemeisters” when it opened in 1892. Under the false name of “Craig’s Restaurant,” it became a popular speakeasy during the ’30s, run indirectly by the Democratic Party. Perhaps because of this, it’s received visits from multiple writers, including poet Seamus Heaney and Frank McCourt, who called it, “a place to talk.”

Take a seat at the bar, and you can witness the historical legacy for yourself. The bar has never gotten rid of its original dumbwaiters, and for the record, its urinals are also originals. The beautiful mahogany finish on the bar has also lasted through the years. While you enjoy a cold pint, check out the old fashioned cash register that still remains and watch the waiters operate the dumbwaiter the same as they did a century ago.