7. Claremont Riding Academy was the longest-running equestrian stable in NYC

Claremont Riding Academy

The Claremont Riding Academy, located at 175 West 89th Street, was the last public stable in Manhattan and the longest-running equestrian stable in New York City. Built in 1892, the stable was designed by Frank A. Rooke, who designed numerous plants for Sheffield Farms. The complex hosted floors of stables and storage space for carriages, which were the primary method of transportation around that time. Rooke also designed stables at 167, 169, and 171 West 89th Street, which he sold to local families.

The Romanesque Revival building was the site of a riding school starting in 1927, and the building was at risk of demolition in 1961. The school struggled to stay open, though, as the Central Park bridle paths continued to deteriorate. The school shut down, along with the stables, and it was later purchased by the Stephen Gaynor School.