10. Henderson Place is just one block long

Henderson Place

Henderson Place, located on 87th Street between East End Avenue and York Avenue, is a one-block-long Historic District. Henderson Place is a private road blocked off to traffic known for its Queen Anne-style homes that were once part of a larger development of 32 houses. The district was developed by John C. Henderson, who gained wealth from making fur hats. Henderson bought a parcel of land that had previously belonged to John Jacob Astor, and the land skyrocketed in value as a result of local construction of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company lines.

Somewhat comedically, the homes were built for “persons of moderate means,” even though the homes are now highly valued. Henderson hired the architectural firm of Lamb and Rich, who were also working on Theodore Roosevelt’s summer home of Sagamore Hill, The first residents of the homes were electricians and other blue-collar workers.