7. There is a Cough Triangle on the border with Red Hook

Cough Triangle in Carroll Gardens

Cough Triangle at the intersection of Court Street and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway/Gowanus Parkway has quite a strange name. While some joke that the triangle takes its name from pollution from the BQE, it is named for the surrounding streets: Court Street provides the C-O-U, Garnet provides the G, and the H comes from Hamilton Avenue.

Cough Triangle is a triangle and plaza within the New York City Parks system, first acquired by the city in 1940. $5,000 was spent on renovation when it was added as a Greenstreets site under Mayor Rudolph Guiliani. Parks Commissioner Henry Stern is credited with coming up with the name. Until a few years ago, remnant rails of a former Court Street trolley line could also be spotted on Garnet Street.