6. Tiffany Place is one of Brooklyn’s last remaining cobblestone streets

Tiffany Place in Cobble Hill
Tiffany Place

Tiffany Place is the only cobblestone street in Cobble Hill, despite what the neighborhood’s name would suggest. In the 1800s, cobblestone streets were quite common in the neighborhood, but they were slowly paved over, as they were in most of Brooklyn. It is one of a few one-block streets in Cobble Hill, in addition to Strong Place, Tompkins Place, and Cheever Place. Tiffany Place is not as connected to Cobble Hill as the rest of these “Places” since it is located on the other side of the BQE.

It has been suggested that Tiffany Place was actually named for glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany or his father, who some suggested had a factory at 1 Tiffany Place. However, this has been debunked since Tiffany Place was first mentioned by name in 1847 before Louis Comfort Tiffany was born. Tiffany Place may have been named after his ancestors, a few of whom played major roles in state and local politics, but nobody is quite sure which Tiffany was the namesake.