4. Elmhurst has the second-largest Southeast Asian community in Queens

Broadway in Elmhurst
Chinese-American businesses along Broadway

Along the winding avenue of Broadway, there is a multitude of shops, restaurants, and parks that make up one of the many “Chinatowns” in New York City. Large numbers of Chinese immigrants and second-generation Chinese-Americans began settling throughout the city by the 1960s, many of which were a part of the growing populations in Elmhurst and more recently in Corona.

Most of the store awnings and some street signs are written in Mandarin, while others gather in neighborhood parks such as Moore Homestead Playground to take part in folk dancing or Tai Chi groups. In addition to the high population of Chinese Americans, Elmhurst also has one of the highest concentrations of Southeast Asians in all of Queens. Malaysian Chinese, Singaporean Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian residents make up the bulk of the community found along Broadway, Whitney Avenue, and 45th Avenue.