10. Madison Square Park

cherry blossom tree at Madison Square Park
Photo courtesy Madison Square Park Conservancy

The Flatiron Building, one of New York City’s most iconic triangle-shaped buildings, is a sight to look at all year round, but it’s even more eye-catching come spring. When the weather gets warmer, the iconic, wedge-shaped landmark is framed by cherry blossoms that will be flourishing in nearby Madison Square Park.

Most of the cherry trees at Madison Square Park are Kwanzan Cherry trees. The Kwanzan Cherries usually bloom in early May. The small trees with pink, double flowers are very sensitive to pollution. Due to this sensitivity, they only tend to live for 15 to 20 years in the city, as opposed to the average 60-year lifespan elsewhere. Among the Kwanzan cherries there is one Yoshino Cherry along 5th Avenue, which is interesting to note because Yoshino Cherries are the most popular flowering cherry tree in the world.