6. Moore-Jackson Cemetery is one of the oldest in New York City

Moore-Jackson Cemetery in Woodside

Moore-Jackson Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Woodside that was active from 1733 until around 1868. The cemetery is one of the last in New York dating to the 18th century, and about 50 corpses are interred there. In 1684, Samuel and Charity Moore bought the plot of land on which the cemetery stands and owned it for over a century. Many of those interred are family members of the Moores’ 10 children, including Augustine Moore, who died in 1769 and still maintains an inscription. Though, most of the tombstones are completely illegible today. John C. Jackson bought additional land near the cemetery in 1867.

Members of the Moore and Jackson families took care of the site until 1910, when it fell into disrepair. The Works Progress Administration razed the land in the 1930s, and in 1954, the city government seized the cemetery, which was maintained starting in 1974 after two decades of deterioration. The Queens Historical Society restored it around the turn of the century, and a community garden was established in 2018.