9. Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga launched their Beats headphones in the library of the Lotte New York Palace

Library inside the Lotte Palace Hotel
The library inside the Lotte Palace Hotel.

One year before Lady Gaga released “Poker Face” in 2009, the pop star collaborated with Beats by Dre and Monster Cable to launch textured, triangular earbuds available in red, black, and white. Their design is emblematic of Lady Gaga’s strong personal style, the earbuds had a launch event in the library of the Palace Hotel.

Lady Gaga’s ruffled, skin-colored romper and fishnets contrasted the shelves of hardcover books in the library. Large posters with the “Beats” logo covered the library’s books to provide a backdrop for promotional photos. At the event, Lady Gaga and rapper Dr. Dre, the owner of Beats by Dre, buzzed about a potential music collaboration, but it never came.