7. The White Horse Tavern (567 Hudson St.)

For the past 141 years, the White Horse Tavern has served intellectual authors and musical giants.

The second oldest pub in New York City, the White Horse Tavern is an unconventional workspace for writers. However, it has been the hotspot for influential authors throughout history. Customers can venture to this spot in the West Village to enjoy a Double Smash Burger or New England Clam Chowder. After temporarily closing due to a violation of social distancing requirements, the White Horse Tavern reopened its door in September 2020.

Since opening in 1880, the White Horse Tavern has served intellectuals of all forms. From influential authors like Jack Kerouac to James Baldwin, the tavern cannot seem to free itself of the greatest minds in New York City. Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas famously died after leaving the White Horse Tavern after a heavy night of drinking.