2. Orange Lawn Tennis Club (1887)

The Orange Lawn Tennis Club is the second oldest tennis club in New Jersey. Courtesy of Jared Kofsky on Wikimedia Commos.

Orange Lawn Tennis Club in South Orange, New Jersey, is the state’s second-oldest tennis club. It was established in 1880, three years after the Seabright Lawn Tennis and Cricket Club was founded in Rumson, New Jersey. The Orange Lawn Tennis Club only hosted the men’s doubles tournament once. Since its 1887 inauguration in the U.S. Open catechism, the men’s doubles tournament has become one of the bases of the tournament.

At the time that the Orange Lawn Tennis Club hosted the U.S. Open, the club was one of the most successful in the country, hosting the Middle States Championships and having many nationally ranked members play in the tournament. William Larned, who was the national champion eight times, is one of the most memorable of those players. The club later hosted the 1946 Davis Cup, which included five teams in the American zone and 15 in the European zone.