7. Longwood Cricket Club (1917-1967)

Longwood Cricket Club, a former U.S. Open Tennis Tournament location
Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill Massachusetts. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons by John Phelan.

While most of the playing between 1917 and 1967 was in Forest Hills, Longwood Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts had its fair share of action. The Longwood Estate on the outskirts of Boston began as a cricket club in 1877 and attracted notable baseball players Harry and George Wright. Lawn tennis courts were built in 1878, and in 1900, the first Davis Cup (an international team tennis event) was held here. The U.S. Pro Tennis Championships were also held here from 1964 to 1999.

The club’s grass courts hosted the 1917 to 1933 men’s doubles, 1935 to 1941 men’s and women’s doubles, as well as mixed doubles, and 1946 to 1967 men’s and women’s doubles.