9. Little Puerto Rico in Clason Point, The Bronx

Houses in the micro neighborhood  of Little Puerto Rico

Nestled on a peninsula in the South Bronx near Harding Park is Clason Point, often considered Little Puerto Rico. The neighborhood is about 80% Latino and Hispanic, with Puerto Ricans constituting the largest ethnic group. With narrow streets and small former bungalow houses (there is often very little space between homes located across from each other), this neighborhood is strikingly different from others in the city. There are chickens roaming, small vegetable gardens, and colorful decor. There are also nearby fishing locations and vacant “desert-like” areas.

Many Puerto Ricans moved here in the 1960s, and by the 1990s, people were calling it “Little Puerto Rico.” The area used to be mainly Irish, Italian, and Jewish. Then, a pioneering group of Puerto Ricans and other Latino groups arrived and bought most of the 250 bungalow homes, renovating them and gradually making the area a close-knit community of their own. Though there are few restaurants and shops in Clason Point itself, nearby restaurants in like Brisas del Caribe, Con Sofrito, and Ajo & Oregano serve up dishes like mofongo and pernil.