On a chilly December day in 1835, a devastating fire tore through the streets of Lower Manhattan destroying 700 buildings as it spread. The Great Fire of 1835 was a pivotal moment in New York City’s history and one that inspired a new audio drama, Burning Gotham. Centered around the Great Fire, the fictional podcast pulls characters and stories from real-life events that took place in 1830s New York City, from the chaos of Moving Day to the baffling moon hoax. On June 14th, you can uncover these little-known tales of 19th-century New York City on a walking tour of Lower Manhattan led by Burning Gotham creator James Scully!

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Burning Gotham: A Tour of 1830s NYC

Stone street

On this tour, you’ll visit the spot where the Great Fire of 1835 began, learn about the buildings that were lost, and see what was constructed in their place. As you walk through the historic streets of Lower Manhattan, you’ll hear stories of a lost monument to the fire, find out where Captain Kidd’s treasure might be buried, stop by Fraunces Tavern where George Washington gave a farewell address and more.

Fraunces Tavern

As you are transported back to 1830s New York City, you’ll meet characters like Eliza Jumel, the owner of Manhattan’s oldest residence, and the showman P.T. Barnum. Scully will discuss how these real people and events were adapted to fit the narrative in Burning Gotham which follows the protagonist Aaron Columbus as he navigates the repercussions of striking an illegal import deal with John Jacob Astor,

Burning Gotham: A Tour of 1830s NYC

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