4. Emily Roebling Was Presented to Queen Victoria

Portrait of Emily Roebling
Charles-Émile-Auguste Carolus-Duran Portrait of Emily Warren Roebling, 1896. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Paul Roebling, 1994.69.1 Image Courtesy of Brooklyn Museum

After the Brooklyn Bridge was complete, Emily kept busy pursuing other worthy endeavors. In 1899, she obtained a Women’s Law Course certificate from New York University. While most women simply audited the courses, Emily took the exams. At the graduation ceremony, an essay that she submitted to a contest was read aloud. It was titled, “A Wife’s Disabilities.” The essay showed support for female suffrage and touched on the topics of marriage law and inheritance.

Throughout the rest of her life, Emily traveled across the country and across the world lecturing and advocating for women’s equality. She had quite an exciting trip to Europe in 1896. While abroad that year, she was received by Queen Victoria at the Court of St. James. She also attended the coronation of Czar Nicholas II of Russia.