7. A Safe From the US Open Hasn’t Been Opened for 45 Years

US Open Safe
Photo Courtesy of Forest Hills Stadium

A safe from the days when Forest Hills Stadium hosted the U.S. Open has remained unopened for over 45 years. This summer, to mark the stadium’s 100th anniversary, the safe will finally be unlocked and its contents revealed. Made by the Acme Safe Company, the vessel was the original cash prize container for the championships. Its contents have been a mystery since 1977 and it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s inside. You can let your prediction be known by sharing your guess on social media with the hashtag #FHS100Years. Another reason 2023 is a milestone year is that it marks a decade since the venue’s revitalization. The summer will be filled with concerts by artists like Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, Duran Duran, Artic Monkeys, and more, as well as several multi-day festivals.