Foods that have come to be symbols of New York City hail from all over the world. In the five boroughs, we have the luxury of being able to taste foods from countries and cultures that span the globe. On Untapped New York’s Taste of New York Food Tour, you can indulge in 4 foods that are now staples of the NYC food scene, but that come from a long history of Chinese, Jewish, and Italian traditions while learning about the immigrant history of Lower Manhattan. Find out what you get to eat below!

A Taste of New York Food Tour

1. Rugelach

Kosssar's Bagel

The first food stop on our tour is at a Jewish bakery where you’ll get to taste a delicious rugelach. In Yiddish, rugelach means “little twist,” an accurate description of the pastry’s shape. The cream cheese or yeast-based dough is rolled around a filling containing different ingredients which may include chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, or fruit jams like apricot and raspberry. Rugelach came to New York City in the late 1800s with the influx of Jewish immigrants. The oldest of NYC’s Jewish bakeries still serving up fresh batches of rugelach is Kossar’s Bagels & Bialys which opened in 1936.