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Welcome to New York! By now, all Swifties know Taylor’s obsession with New York City. And, for those of us in the city, we know why. From Greenwich Village to Coney Island to Long Island, Taylor Swift includes New York easter eggs in many of her works. In everything she has done, since her album 1989, there are overt and more subtle references to the city. Swift’s confession of love for the city, as seen in her music and even a tourism ad, shows her favorite places and memories in the city. Here, we follow the easter eggs in her music and revisit some of her most memorable moments in this (non-exhaustive) list of Swiftie sites!

1. Taylor Swift: Storyteller, A Costume Exhibit

Taylor Swift Costume exhibit in NYC
Outfits in the Taylor Swift costume exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design.

Taylor Swift has an eye for fashion. Case in point: bedazzled bodysuits. Now, on display at the Museum of Arts and Design, you can see some of her most iconic outfits, from music videos, concerts, and more at the Taylor Swift: Storyteller exhibit. Untapped New York Insiders are invited to take part in a free, member-exclusive tour of the exhibit on August 15th or August 16th!

Taylor Swift: Storyteller Tour

Taylor Swift outfits

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